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22 June 2019


   Salatin Asgerova, 86, Baku   

   Azerbaijan, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal 

   10 : 00 - 23 : 00 

Why to visit Shirvanshah Musey Restaurant?   

From the name itself, it’s easy to tell that Sirvansah is not only a restaurant but a museum as well. Indeed, this restaurant is very unique. On top of that, there are musicians who will entertain you with traditional Azeri music as you partake your meal.  

While you wait for your meal to be served, take time to check out several works of art crafted by various local artists and are being displayed in the restaurant. These include jewelry, paintings, and many other things, with others dating back to more than a century. Sirvansah is also famous for serving delicious local cuisines, and the most popular of which is qutab, a thinly rolled bread cooked in a convex griddle.  

Sirvansah Museum Restaurant is located a bit far from the city center, although it’s possible to walk going here. If you don’t mind venturing away from the Old Town, you definitely should check out this local museum and restaurant.  

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