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Day Trip To the Martvili Canyon

Day Trip To the Martvili Canyon

16 February 2020

Why You Should Take a Day Trip To the Martvili Canyon   

The Martvili Canyon is one of those places that you’ll often hear about when planning a trip to Georgia. Located 280 km. away from Tbilisi, only a few tourists would venture to this place due to its remote location, which is around 4 – 5 hours drive away from Tbilisi. But the Martvili Canyons is more than just a natural wonder. It is a place that’s teeming with history and has played a significant role in Georgian culture and history. Here are more reasons why you should consider taking a day trip to the Martvili Canyon.

Bath Place of Georgian Nobles   

Several years ago, the Martvili canyons served as the bathing place of Georgian nobles, more specifically the Dadiani Family. The Dadiani family consists of dukes, princes, and nobles, who used to rule Samegrelo, the western province of Georgia where the Martvili canyon can be found. They are said to have a very close relationship with Napoleon Bonaparte.

The crystal clear water of the canyon is surrounded by a lush green forest, which further enhances its emerald green colour. Nowadays, visitors can freely walk around the canyon and marvel at the incredible scenery of the emerald green river and its majestic waterfalls.

Scenic Boat Tours of the River  

The most popular activity in the Martvili Canyon is boating. Taking a guided boat tour of the 300-meter long river will treat you to the breathtaking views of the mountain river canyon. It will cover the entire section of Abasha where you can best enjoy the views of the canyon. Along the way, you will be exploring the Dadianis Path, a mountain river gorge, while passing at limestone bridges overlooking the scenic waterfalls.

When taking the boat tour at Martvili Canyon, remember that the tour times are restricted only to 10 AM until 6 PM. The last boat will depart at 4:30 PM. When taking the boat tour, everyone is required to wear a life vest. On Mondays, the canyon is closed so it is best to plan your tour ahead.

Trek at Paved Paths Along the River   

Visitors who are not keen on taking the boat ride can still enter the grounds and trek on the stone paths by the river. Trekking is fun, although the 10-minute boat trip will take you further up into the river. But if you prefer a more exciting way of discovering the canyon, then go ahead and follow the paths that will lead you into a series of small arched limestone bridges. The bridges will lead you into the viewing decks where you can marvel the waterfall cascades up close.

There are also longer walking routes around the closed-off area. It is free to take this route, however, you will have a limited view of the river and the cascading waterfalls. If you want to fully enjoy the Martvili Canyon and make the most of your time here, it is a good idea to take the boat tour and go trekking afterwards.

Is The Martvili Canyon Worth a Visit?  

Of course! If you’re someone who loves nature, adventure, culture, and history, then the Martvili Canyon is definitely worth a visit. The views at the canyon are beautiful and unique, and is truly fun to explore, whether on a boat or by trekking.

If you have plenty of time, it may be best to check out the other sights and attractions near the Martvili Canyon. You can stop at the Nokalakevi fortress on your way to Zugdidi. The Dadiani Palace is also nearby. It looks very splendid and is now a museum that houses an interesting collection depicting the natural cultural heritage of Georgia.

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