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Tsirani Garden Restaurant

Tsirani Garden Restaurant

24 June 2019


   3rd Street, No.1 Arinj, Kotayk, Yerevan  

   Barbecue, Armenian, Grill  

   10 : 00 - 00 : 00 

Why to visit Tsirani Garden Restaurant?

If you're willing to step outside of the city center for a meal, Tsirani Garden restaurant is well-worth the trip. Set on a four-hectare property, each table is located in its own wooden, open-air cabin spread out across an expansive and decorated apricot garden. With a surrounding lake, waterfall, and banquet hall, this restaurant does not fall short of beautiful views for private small parties and couples. 

The restaurant was originally a small canteen opened by a man known as Tsaruk Pap, or Grandfather, in his yard. His small business became so popular in such a short amount of time that he eventually replaced the small canteen with the restaurant that stands there today, which is now run by his son. 

The menu does not stray from the typical Armenian national cuisine; it offers nearly all well-known traditional dishes with exceptional presentation and flavor. 

The best time to visit is in autumn when the leaves transition to their fall colors. Be sure to check this place out if you are looking for an outdoor dining experience with all the top favorites of Armenian fare. 

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