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Dashbashi Canyon, Paravani and Sagamo Lakes Day Tour

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  • This tour offers you an excursion to the most beautiful lakes in Georgia, which are favorite places to visit for nature observing and bird watching.
  • Georgia is one of the richest countries of region with amazing rivers, lakes and underground water sources.
  • You will see volcanic plateau and Abuli mountain (3 301 m). 
  • The nature of Javakheti region is quite different from other parts of Georgia, which makes it the special place.

We will travel to the extremely different region of Georgia – Javakheti; South part of the country, close to the Armenian border. Region is absolutely divergent by climate and landscape, situated on about 2 000 Meter above the sea level, it is huge volcanic plateau crowned with Great Abuli mountain (3 301 m). Vast plains and grazing fields, with very few woods around, make significant difference from the other parts of Georgia, which causes coldest and harshest winter season climate conditions in the country. Always windy and sparsely populated, with almost no traffic on the local roads, terrain looks quite mystical and wondering, transiting visitors to somewhat magic world. Javakheti lakes are the perfect place for bird watching; these lakes are popular places for migratory birds in autumn. In some villages it’s very usual to see White Storks’ big nests on the power poles and house rooftops. During the tour you visit: The Dashbashi Canyon, which is several kilometers away from the town of Tsalka. The Dashbashi Canyon is one of the most beautiful but not famous natural landmarks in the country. The height of the canyon is 1100-1500 meters and the length is 8 km. There are lot of waterfalls of different shape and subterranean water. After that, you will visit Village Phoka along shoreline of Paravani lake, altitude 2 080m. The lake is the biggest one in the country. In the village you visit Phoka St. Nino Convent. The Monastery is named after St. Nino, who entered the country through this region, arrived in the town of Mtskheta, then Capital of Georgia, preached Gospel and converted Georgians from paganism to Christianity in 4th century. 

You can have lunch at Phoka St.Nino Convent. Taste delicious Georgian dishes at Phoka St.Nino Convent, cooked from organic products by sisters in nunnery. 

Saghamo Lake – literally the name means Evening. Close to the lake is located village Sagamo. The lake is of tectonic origin, completely freezing in winter time. Khanchali Lake – unique lake because of its depth, which is only 0.8 m. One of the best places for birds, it is warmer than other lakes and lots of birds are nesting around here, finding food is extremely easy for them in such a shallow water. During warm seasons lots of migratory birds find here temporary feeding station.

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  • English speaking guide service for whole the trip
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1 Days

Private tour
Best Price Guarantee
No hidden fees
Number of travelers
Total price: 203
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