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Tbilisi nightlife

Tbilisi Nightlife Guide

29 May 2019

Georgia  becomes very popular among music lovers, Jazz festivals, Open Air music festivals and of course lots of techno music events are held in Tbilisi and Batumi every year. Georgia nightlife develops very quickly and it is a very important part of Georgia Tourism. If you are interested in techno and alternative electronic music Tbilisi nightlife can be a great discovery for you.  

In this post "Tbilisi Nightlife Guide" we are discussing the most popular night clubs in Tbilisi.  


Bassiani is a symbol of Tbilisi nightlife and clubs in Georgia. It was the first space oriented on electronic and techno music. Opened in 2013 Bassiani gets more and more success and becomes very popular not only in Georgia but worldwide, some very famous artists come to Georgia just to play at Bassiani because atmosphere is so crazy here! 

Location of Bassiani is very interesting too. The only one available place for it, was the old basement swimming pool of Dinamo Arena – the biggest football stadium of Georgia. Former swimming pool becomes the most famous spot of Tbilisi nightlife, every techno lover wishes to visit this place and there are many tourists who come to Tbilisi inspired by Bassiani parties. 

As you go down and enter the basement a whole new life starts here, this public, high quality audio equipment, the best artists and space make parties unforgettable. 

tbilisi nightlife
tbilisi nightlife
tbilisi nightlife


Khidi is the second great space to explore Tbilisi nightlife. This club exists for a couple of years and already became one of the favourite places for music lovers. In May 2019 Khidi is going to celebrate 3 years anniversary with a great techno event.

Location of Khidi is very special too. Khidi is located inside of the foot of Vakhushti Bagrationi Bridge, the name was created very simply because “Khidi” means bridge in Georgian.

This space is oriented on the high quality audio systems, here you can enjoy techno, house and alternative electronic music. This place is attractive for foreign artists and they make a great performances here. Khidi is a new spot but it has become one of the must visit Clubs in Georgia.

Tbilisi Nightlife
tbilisi nightlife
Tbilisi Nightlife


Mtkvarze is one more interesting spot of Tbilisi nightlife guide. This Nightclub represents itself as a "Dance Community Club". Club is located on the right bank of the River Mtkvari.

As owners say this Club is a very small area with a big big heart and a huge energy. Here are two small rooms for international and Georgian artists. The interior is very special interior, accommodation is kind of round and belongs to 50ies. This place is definitely worth visiting if you enjoy small and special areas for clubbing.

tbilisi nightlife

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